Communism 101


The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx stated several criteria that formed the foundation of Communism. Every American should know exactly what that foundation entails.​ Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what this may be. As a result, many Americans find themselves accepting certain ideals without realizing that they are being led step by step into a political belief that they may not even desire. In other words, convincing people to believe in Communism becomes a process of breaking down the mind to accept each one of the Marx criteria one step at a time. This can be accomplished through a process of deception.

Marx does state that some of his measures might be different in some countries. This means that his criteria can be modified to allow for the different social groups. However, this implies that the different societies can be eventually molded into the basic criteria as set in his book.

The criteria goes as follows:
1. Abolish land property
2. Heavy progressive or graduated income tax
3. Abolish right of inheritance
4. Confiscate property of emigrants and rebels
5. The state controls credit with nationalized banking and bank monopoly
6. State controls all means of communication and transportation
7. State owns factories and instruments of production
8. Everyone has an equal liability to work
9. Abolish distinction between town and country
10. Free education for all in public schools and combine education with industrial production
11. Abolish class distinctions
12. All production is ruled by the association of all citizens in the nation
13. Abolish countries and nationality by first curtailing the importance of borders
14. Curtail the influence of religious belief
15. Curtail the influence of family

Now, observe the Karl Marx criteria for true communism and consider the present situation in the politics of the United States. Everyone should understand that communism does not have to conform to every Marxist criteria. There may be many forms of communism depending on the specific agenda and motivation of the political movement. However, political evolution is a reality. Communism may begin with just a few of the criteria being implemented followed with a step-by-step advance into the remaining criteria as set forth by Marx. The problem with the propagation of a communist movement is that the population is usually lacking in free-thinking education. In other words, it becomes easy to brainwash a population when the education system can be under the control of communists. Therefore, the leaders of the communist movement do not want the population to have knowledge of the actual criteria as set forth by Marx. For example, the first step may be to simply attack the wealthy and to convince the population that it is proper to equalize the wealth for everyone in the population. The idea is to get the lower class to agree that the rich do not deserve what they have. This is how a communist revolution begins. The end result becomes a loss of liberty, personal rights, and freedom. If you observe carefully the Marx criteria, it should become obvious what the end objective is going to be. The objective is total control of the population.

One can be considered a communist without employing all of the Marx criteria. In other words, a communist agenda can be accomplished by employing only the most relevant of the elements. Therefore, it may be possible to believe in the Islamic religion and Sharia Law and still be considered a communist if most of the other criteria is maintained from Marx. Also, there is another important concept that I have devised. I call it directional tendency. This means that if a certain basic belief forms the foundation for one of the Marx criteria there will be a tendency for that belief to direct itself to that communistic objective. For example, if you believe that the popular vote should determine a national election, the tendency is toward one of the Marx criteria which is that there should be no distinction between town and country. Therefore, directional tendency becomes an important principle implying that there is an evolution from a simple political belief to a more ultimate motive. The movement goes from socialism to communism. A mild form of socialism evolves into a stronger form which then transforms into a mild form of communism which then may or may not develop into the Marx form of social control. According to the Marx criteria, North Korea can be considered almost 100% pure communism.




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